🔒 Become a ‘modern explorer’ in this mid-Michigan city

Get to know the city of Midland

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MIDLAND, Mich. – When I was younger, my family would take random trips on the weekends.

My dad would ask my sisters and me “what direction do you guys want to drive in and for how long?” From there we would randomly stop and stay a weekend in towns all over Michigan and even Ohio.

One of my favorite spots to visit was Midland!

I feel like mid-Michigan is an overlooked area and there is something unique with cities like Saginaw, Bay City and yes, even Midland.

So if you are looking to check out a new spot in the Mitten that isn’t a hike to get to, check out some of the fun activities “the city of modern explorers” is all about.

For those into driving through neighborhoods

If you are like me, you love driving through neighborhoods and looking at homes. Midland is surprisingly home to a lot of midcentury-style houses! There is even an app that visitors can download that will show you the midcentury homes and who designed them. If you are willing to burn some gas, I recommend driving by these homes. It’s not every day that midcentury lovers can view this many houses. It is truly an architect lover’s paradise.

To learn more about the houses, click here.

For those that don’t mind getting their hands dirty

If you are looking for a place to grab some food, there is an award-winning BBQ spot that has a little bit of everything. Bone Daddy’s claims they are the original northern BBQ spot. The restaurant cuts down their own wood used to smoke their meats and cures the wood for a minimum of three months. From ribs to chicken, this local spot cooks it all.

Lots of ribs going out today!

Posted by Bone Daddys Barbeque on Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Lace up your walking shoes

The Dow Gardens is 110 acres of natural goodness. From flowers to forests, meadows and ponds scattered throughout the land, this spot is great to hang out all day. They also have one of the largest canopy walks in the nation being 1,400 feet long. The Dow Gardens is open Tuesday - Sunday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. There is also a conservatory and a butterfly house.

Enjoy a cold one at this local spot

Originally opened in 1935 and reborn again in 2010, Midland Brewing Company is one of the many staples in the city. The brewery has won many awards such as best brewery in the Great Lakes Bay region: 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and was recognized for outdoor beautification (Backyard & Beer Garden) by the City of Midland, 2018.

From IPAs to sours and stouts, this Midland spot has many options on tap.

Take a stroll on the Tridge

Opened in 1981, this three-legged wooden footbridge is one of the biggest attractions in Midland. The bridge hovers over the Tittabawassee and Chippewa Rivers. The footbridge allows bicycles and skateboarding. There is also a light show displayed on the bridge for various holidays. To learn more about the bridge, click here.

Experience folk art in mid-Michigan

The John Pratt Mosaic House is right off Isabella Road. Tucked away 20 miles west of Midland, this home represents the folk art scene in the Mitten. Before Pratt passed away 25 years ago, the artist took broken china and pottery as well as mirrored tiles and glued them to the exterior of his home. For the past 25 years, Creative 360 and members of the art community have taken good care of the home allowing visitors to visit the artist’s home.

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