VIDEO: Man brings camel to Michigan PetSmart

So a man and a camel walk into a PetSmart in Michigan?

Never heard that joke? Well, it's actually not a joke. It actually happened.

Lewis Farms & Petting Zoo, based in Muskegon, took their camel Jeffrey out for a trip to a PetSmart last Sunday.

The zoo owner said Jeffrey had to go to PetSmart for a reason. The camel's trainer needed to know exactly how much he weighs in order to give him accurate medications and vaccines.

"The trainer was helping with Jeffrey's skills on riding in the trailer so we could safely transport him to a large industrial scale to have him weighed," said Jenny Ferels, Brand Ambassador at Lewis Farms & Petting Zoo.

A video posted to the zoo Facebook page has more than 100,000 views. See it below:

We took Jeffrey out for a little adventure today! 🐪

Posted by Lewis Farms & Petting Zoo on Sunday, April 7, 2019

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