How Weather Works: Tornado in a Bottle

'How Weather Works' with Local 4 Meteorologist Brandon Roux

Tornado in a Bottle Experiment
Parental guidance is recommended!

Have you ever wondered How Weather Works? The science of weather may be complicated, but Local 4 Meteorologist Brandon Roux has some experiments to help make learning fun! Here's one of them.

To make your own Tornado in a Bottle, you will need:
-Two 2L bottles
-A funnel
-Strong tape or a bottle connectors you can buy online or in a store

Fill one bottle two thirds full. Align the open end of the empty bottle to open end of the full one, then tape together until it is very well sealed (or use bottle connectors). Once you’re sure it won’t leak, turn the bottles upside down so that the water starts pouring down from the one that is now on top into the one now on the bottom. Rotate the bottle in a circular motion a few times, then watch as a tornado forms in the water!

Why is this experiment like a tornado?
A tornado is a vortex of violently rotating winds. The top bottle filled with water is like a thunderstorm or supercell. Tornados don’t form until they have one ingredient: wind shear. Wind coming from different directions at different speeds is what causes the tornado to rotate. When you spin the bottle, it’s like adding wind shear to create a tornado!

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