Harsens Island flooding: 'This is the worst I've seen it here'

Flooding puts homes in jeopardy, hurts small businesses

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ST. CLAIR COUNTY, Mich. – High lake levels are being closely monitored by residents on Harsens Island.

During the summer months, the island is usually packed, but now the flooding is putting homes at risk and also hurting a handful of small businesses that bank on visitors.

Residents just want to see the water levels begin to recede. Some front lawns have all but disappeared.

"This is the worst I’ve ever seen it here," said John Burgdahl, whose property is flooded. Every time a freighter goes by or a boater ignores no-wake laws the water rises.

"It’s the back channels, and this thing will go down a foot and up a foot," said Burgdahl. Today, there was another delivery of gravel to add to the growing pile.

"There’s a lot of things we’re not doing, little flowers, have two tractors, they’ll get stuck. Potties have become a common sight. There’s more porta Johns than I’ve ever seen here," said

Midgie Fannon's property is flooded, too. She has also been struggling. The last time it was this bad on Harsens Island was back in 1986,  and these water levels are breaking records.

There’s not much they can do except hope the water goes down

"It is just extremely stressful for me. You wake up in the morning and you pray to God all your pumps are working," Fannon said

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