Metro Detroit weather forecast: Storms moving out, heat is on

Dangerous heat continues through Friday

The line of thunderstorms that crossed the area this afternoon weakened considerably, and we only had a single report of anything even close to severe storm impacts:  a 6 ½ inch tree blown down in a parking lot in Canton at Sheldon and Ford Roads.  Some of us got a much-needed downpour:  Sue Drob in Manchester e-mailed me that she received 0.70” of rain when that line passed through. 

As you can see in the radar animation above, another Mesoscale Convective System (MCS) is developing in central Wisconsin.  Most models are keeping the majority of this severe storm complex west of us, but we need to keep a close eye on it:  any eastward shift would bring an almost guaranteed line of damaging wind gusts into our area.  Again, it appears that it’ll stay to our west, and here’s how my RPM model portrays it:

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The other story is the heat and humidity.  Heat indices (how additionally hot the humidity makes it feel) soared well into the 90s this afternoon.  Take a look at the heat index forecast for 11:00 PM tonight, when many of us are close to heading to bed. 

The other story is the heat and humidity.  Heat indices (how additionally hot the humidity makes it feel) soared well into the 90sthis afternoon.  That line of storms sure cooled things off…many of you experienced a 15 to 20 degree temperature drop!  The humidity, though, is here to stay, and it’s still going to be a muggy, uncomfortable night if you don’t have air conditioning.  Lows may only drop into the low to mid 70s (22-23° Celsius), and it’ll be even warmer deep in the heart of our Urban Heat Island near Detroit.

The National Weather Service has issued a Heat Advisory through Friday evening, and it’s not just because of the daytime temperatures.  One of the key factors in heat-related medical issues is the body’s lack of recovery time.  If it’s hot during the day but cools off at night, then you have some recovery time.  However, in situations like we’ll have tonight, there is no recovery…our bodies remain stressed all night long, which compounds things.  If you don’t have air conditioning, it’s important to at least give yourself a break from the heat…head to a mall, theater, restaurant, library, friend or relative’s house this evening, wherever you can cool off and give your body some time to recover.  If that is not an option, at least take cold showers and use cold compresses to cool yourself off.  And don’t forget our pets…they are even more susceptible to this extreme heat than we are.  Please let them stay inside in the air conditioning and, if they have to stay outside, at the very minimum, provide them with shade and a good supply of cold water to drink.  But extended time outside is not the place to be for our animals.

Friday is going to be another oppressively hot and humid day, with highs in the mid 90s (34° Celsius), and the humidity making it feel closer to 100° (38° Celsius).  Southwest wind at 10 to 18 mph.  Friday’s sunrise is at 6:17 AM, and Friday’s sunset is at 9:02 PM.

Mostly clear Friday night, with lows still very warm, but not as bad as Thursday night…in the low 70s (22° Celsius).

Mostly sunny on Saturday, and still very hot.  Highs will reach the low 90s (33° Celsius). However, there are some indications from my computer models that dewpoint temperatures will drop during the day, which means lower humidity…let’s hope this materializes.

Mostly clear Saturday night, with lows near 70° (21° Celsius).

Partly cloudy on Sunday and becoming hot and very humid once again.  Thunderstorms should also increase in probability as we head through the afternoon, with some strong storms once again possible.  Highs near 90° (32° Celsius). 

Thunderstorms are likely Sunday night, with lows near 70° (21° Celsius).

Some computer models bring the approaching cold front through late Sunday night, while others hold it off until Monday morning.  Once the front passes by, our thunderstorm chances end, and drier air filters in.  But Monday will still be a hot day, with highs near 90° (32° Celsius).

Tuesday and Wednesday both look mostly sunny, and more comfortable, with highs in the mid 80s (30° Celsius), and overnight lows in the mid 60s (18° Celsius).

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