Weather forecast: Temperatures to reach low to mid 40s today in SE Michigan

It’s another unusually cold start with morning temps in the teens and low 20s around Metro Detroit on your Thursday morning.

We start the day with sunshine mixed with a few clouds, but high clouds will begin to increase through the afternoon as highs get into the low and mid 40s. The clouds will limit our warming today but it will be a good 5 to 10 degrees warmer than yesterday.


A warm front will be moving through Friday which means even our morning temps will be rising back through the 40s with a chance for a few rain showers around Metro Detroit. Models show most of the moisture north of here into Central Michigan, but we should be prepared for a wet start tomorrow in spots. Most of the day will be dry, mostly cloudy, and warming with highs in the mid 60s as the warming winds start cranking SW 10-20 mph.


More weekend showers are coming with rain likely Saturday morning and then hit or miss rain showers through the afternoon Saturday and Sunday. It will be pleasant when not raining in the upper 50s to near 60 degrees both weekend days and we are not looking at a weekend washout. We just need to prepare for some brief weather delays here and there. Hey… it’s great for the grass and gardens which we will be enjoying before you know it. You can always stay ahead of weather with you with our Local4Casters app.

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