Metro Detroit weather: We could see temperatures reach mid-60s later this week

DETROIT – Once the winds calm down it's smooth sailing for the first half of the week. Temperatures will stay close to normal, but that means it'll still be cold in the morning. 

Expect overnight lows between the upper teens in parts of our North and West Zones and the mid 20s in our Metro and South Zones. Skies will become mostly clear and winds will be very light by the time we’re out of bed on Tuesday morning.

Tomorrow finally looks and feels like mid-March and we'll get nearly full sunshine from start to finish. Highs will hit seasonal norms, in the mid 40s. Plus winds will stay light. This really will be a fantastic day.

Wednesday won't feel much different, just slightly milder to start. We will have to trade in the sunshine for clouds. A shower is also possible, but the vast majority of us will remain dry the entire day.

Better chances of rain and maybe thunder arrive Thursday. And, no, Thursday's high temperature is not a typo. We’re really truly expecting the mid-60s. That’s pronounced (SIK-stiz) by the way. It’s been so long since we’ve had to say it, just a friendly reminder. Thursday will be the warmest we’ve seen since Oct. 11.

And, of course, that will be too good to last. Temperatures drop to the mid-40s for highs on Friday with breezy conditions. We’ll be dry but even colder for the weekend.

There is some moderation late in the 10-Day Forecast, just in time for the official start of spring next Wednesday.

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