Metro Detroit weather: Ozone Action Day with more rain

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DETROIT – Metro Detroit is under an Air Quality Alert which means we have an Ozone Action Day.

It’s still a little slippery on the streets from all of that rain last night and overnight, so be careful. Conditions are drying out a little bit with nothing more than a few scattered showers this morning. At times today, the sun will bust out, the air will be stagnant, and the heat and humidity are on. That combination can create difficult breathing conditions, or could be a danger for those of you with heart or respiratory conditions.

Again, take it easy and stay in the air conditioning. Highs will be in the mid 80s feeling like low 90s and we are all encouraged not to add too much pollution driving, doing lawn care, or working so car pool or ride your bike and avoid using gas powered lawn equipment. Scattered rain and thundershowers will mainly be near the Ohio Border and south through the afternoon, but we should see a few storms popping with the heat of the day.

Thursday forecast

It’s still very warm and muggy on Independence Day. We should see a decent amount of sunshine with morning lows near 70 degrees and highs taking aim at 90 degrees again. Scattered afternoon showers and storms are possible with the heat of the day, so keep an eye to the skies and make sure you have a safe place to sit out a random storm or two tomorrow.

Be safe, use that sunscreen, and drink lots of water please.

Friday forecast

Friday will be wet at times while still very warm and muggy. Highs in the upper 80s to low 90 feeling even warmer and expect a wetter afternoon with more scattered rain and thunderstorms.

The showers will linger into Saturday morning and then clear nicely for most of the weekend in sunshine and lower humidity as temps settle in the lower 80s.

You can get your 7-Day Forecast and track our next storm chances with our Local4Casters app.

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