Metro Detroit weather: Showers, some thunder expected early Monday evening

Significant severe threat approaching Tuesday

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DETROIT – Hurricane Dorian continues to grab everyone's focus. But we're monitoring a significant severe threat approaching Tuesday.

Showers and some thunder will roll through early Monday evening. These will be garden-variety storms, but there will be enough rain to put a pause to any late weekend barbecues. Any activity should be gone by sunset. Lows will be in the low 60s. 

Tuesday will bring likely severe weather, but at least it will be after the kids are home from school and most of us are home from work.

We're focused on a narrow window in the mid-to-late evening. But the ingredients are coming together for every severe threat, including hail that could reach two inches in diameter… that's the size of billiard balls. Plus the tornado threat is one of the highest we've had all season. Here's the bottom line:

The only question still remaining is what role will an early round of weakening thunderstorms play in this setup. An overnight complex of severe weather will roll out of Wisconsin around daybreak. What's left of it should arrive by early afternoon. These should weaken enough that severe weather is not expected.

As of right now, it looks like they won't be late enough to prevent strong instability from fueling our evening round of storms.

Beyond that, temperatures drop to highs in the 70s, humidity decreases and we spend the remainder of the 10 day forecast completely dry.

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