Metro Detroit forecast: Memorial Day weekend off to a rough start, but expect temperatures to rise

There will be storms to dodge

Metro Detroit weather forecast May 22, 2020 -- 6 p.m. Update
Metro Detroit weather forecast May 22, 2020 -- 6 p.m. Update

DETROIT – Memorial Day weekend is here! Not a great start, but it looks like Mother Nature is going to pack all the warmth we’ve missed from earlier this month into one weekend. It’s going to feel like the low 90s before we’re done. And there will be some storms to dodge.

The Heat Is On!

Saturday will be the coolest of the weekend days with highs in the mid 70s, but Sunday takes us to the mid 80s and Monday's high will reach the upper 80s. Those are just the temperatures. There's a tractor-trailer full of humidity coming with that warm air. So heat index readings will be back. Sunday will feel like the upper 80s. And Memorial Day Monday will feel like the low 90s.

These are by far the hottest numbers we've seen all season. Can you believe going into the last week in May, the warmest number we've recorded is 80?!? And that was on the second day of this month! Couple that with the fact that most of us have been inside for weeks, our bodies are definitely not acclimated to the heat. If you plan on being outdoors this weekend... hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Keep the alcohol and caffeine to a minimum. Yes, I hear the laughter, but I'm sorta required to say it.

Storms Around

Most of the three-day weekend looks rain-free. The chances we'll get wet, in order are:

1) Sunday morning - likely

2) Sunday afternoon - slight

3) Monday afternoon - very slight

Sunday, we'll have a disturbance bring widespread showers and storms to the area on Sunday morning. There's a slight chance we'll see some development in the afternoon, but we may get through it with nothing. Memorial Day Monday looks primarily dry. But with temperatures and humidity soaring, the air will be very unstable. So it won't take much to launch a pop-up storm.

Repeating Rain

Tuesday will bring likely rain back to the area. That system will setup multiple chances of showers and storms through Saturday of next week. We’ll have to keep an eye on lakes and rivers again after the holiday.

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