Metro Detroit weather: Steamiest day of holiday weekend

DETROIT – There’s a different feel to the air out there today, as the humidity and heat will crank up a notch around Metro Detroit this Friday before the 4th.

And, today will likely be the steamiest day of the Holiday Weekend as it looks like the humidity lessens just enough on Saturday and Sunday making those more comfortable days if there is such a thing in this heat wave.

Sunrise is at 6:02 a.m.

We will see a mix of sun and clouds and highs in the low 90s, feeling more like mid 90s or warmer and feeling more like ‘The Air You Can Wear.’ Wear lighter clothes, drink plenty of water, and find shade and AC as much as you can. You know the drill. Another difference in the forecast today is a bit more cloud cover and the threat for a few pop up storms. The heat and humidity will keep us unstable and we should see a few thundershowers popping up with the prime heat of the afternoon. Don’t cancel any plans, but keep an eye on the Local 4Casters app radar, right here, if you’re boating or golfing and could run into one of these flare ups.

Sunset is at 9:13 a.m.

We have more 90s coming at you this Holiday Weekend, but the dew points and humidity look to take a more comfy step backwards, which we will take! So highs around 92°F for the 4th Of July tomorrow around Metro Detroit and not terribly uncomfortable under mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies. Still, we advise extreme hydration all weekend of course.

Sunday looks very warm and nice with highs in the low 90s once again and plenty of sunshine. It should be a great weekend for the PGA golfers at the DGC for the Rocket Mortgage Classic. A little warm, but nothing they’re not used to. We will see scorching temps into Monday and Tuesday perhaps into the mid 90s and we will likely see Air Quality Alerts as a result. Be careful, and stay safe everyone. Have a wonderful Holiday Weekend.

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