Metro Detroit weather: Here’s what to expect this week

Air Quality Alert to start this week

DETROIT – We hope you had a nice and safe Holiday Weekend, but now it’s time to get back to work! Booo!

I know, and it will be a very warm and steamy week ahead.

We start the week off in an Air Quality Alert around Metro Detroit due to the dangerous heat and humidity, lack of wind, and damaging sunlight. It’s the ozone created by a chemical reaction between the intense sun and the pollutants in our air that creates these crazy conditions that make it hard for many to just breath. So, do your part and don’t pollute, don’t cut the grass today, don’t get gas if you don’t have to etc.

Sunrise is at 6:04 a.m.

It will be warm and steamy all day today with very light wind, leaving the air pretty stagnant and it makes for tough breathing for many. Please check on anyone in your life with health concerns to see how they are getting through this heat wave. We may see a pop up or two this afternoon as we begin to really heat up. Highs will hit the low 90s feeling more like mid 90s when you factor in the humidity and the winds are light SSW 5-8 mph.

Sunset is 9:13 p.m.

It’s going to be very summer-like all week long and we may see the Air Quality Alerts extended into tomorrow, and Wednesday, but we do have some showers and storms that may try to cool us down just a little bit. Look for a little better chance of late afternoon rain and thundershowers popping with the heat of the afternoon or just a little later. In fact, our most potentially rainy stretch over the next week will be late afternoon Tuesday through Wednesday morning and some of us may not see very much rain. It’s more warm and muggy than anything all week long with temps in the low to mid 90s feeling even warmer, and getting dangerous. Yeah, the heat can take it’s toll on the body.

It looks like we hang onto the heat and humidity all the way through Friday with some scattered shower chances each afternoon. But the weekend ahead looks like mid 80s as slightly cooler air settles into Metro Detroit for just a little while. Remember, you can always stay ahead of the showers and storms with the Local4Casters app which is free in your app store.

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