Metro Detroit weather forecast: Rogue showers may pop up, but tonight will be mostly dry

DETROIT – A few lucky lawns are getting watered this evening. The rest of us may have to wait until next week.

Spotty Storms

Thunderstorms are exiting southeast Michigan this evening as a cold front moves through. A few rogue showers may pop up behind the front, but most of us will stay dry through tonight until Sunday at the earliest.

There will be two systems rolling through near the beginning of next week. First a low pressure center moves in from the south, likely staying south of the state line, but close enough to deliver some rain at least. Just how much is still in question, with placement being critical to the forecast. What looks to be a better chance of rain for the majority of us arrives Monday with a cold front advancing from the northwest.

Smooth Temps

No wild temperature swings will be with us through the next 10 days. Saturday may be the warmest with an 84-degree finish, but the other days will be within a few degrees of that.

Also, once the humidity drops again late tonight and tomorrow, it will stay in the noticeable range into early next week. There’s still a chance we may get a high below 80 next week. However, it’s a close call.

Florida Storm

We’re keeping our eyes on a tropical system headed for the Caribbean and eventually toward the states. As I’m writing this, it is still Potential Tropical Cyclone Nine, but will likely become Tropical Storm Isaias within the next 24 hours.

Right now, the entire state of Florida is in the forecast cone from the National Hurricane Center. The official forecast has the storm weakening somewhat as it heads toward the Sunshine State this weekend. However, forecasting strength of a tropical system is a lot harder than predicting its location, especially at days four and five of the forecast. Stay tuned!

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