Metro Detroit weather: Rain returns for next 2 days as temperatures continue to drop

Rain, wind, colder temperatures ahead

DETROIT – After a break from the rain Tuesday, it’s coming back for the next two days as temperatures continue to drop and the wind picks up.

Fall look and feel

The leaves look fantastic across Southeast Michigan, and that concludes the positive portion of today’s forecast. I’m kidding, sort of.

Wednesday’s high of 64 will be the warmest we’ll get until next week. We’ll barely touch 60 degrees Thursday, then sink to the 50s for Friday through the weekend. That means cooler morning starts, as well. Generally, lows will be in the 40s, but prepare for another round of frost Friday night into Saturday.

Wet stretch

Rain chances Wednesday and Thursday are pretty high, but it won’t be continuous rain, and amounts will be relatively light. Expect between 0.15 and 0.50 inches for the two days.

Friday and Saturday are dry, then more rain arrives for the second half of Sunday. That will be a bigger slug of moisture, with higher rainfall totals.

Milder next week

Temperatures return to the 60s starting Monday. We’ll eventually get close to normal, which by that point in early October, will be the mid-60s.

We might get a few degrees above late next week, and it looks like that will be another dry stretch except for a low shot midweek.

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