Metro Detroit weather: Chance to break 3 temperature records in next 4 days

Warm temperatures comes with sunshine

Metro Detroit weather forecast Nov. 6, 2020 -- 4 p.m. Update
Metro Detroit weather forecast Nov. 6, 2020 -- 4 p.m. Update

DETROIT – We have a realistic shot of tying or breaking three records in the next four days, and the best part is that we get plenty of sunshine alongside.

Historic weekend

Temperatures will return to the 70s this weekend, beating numbers we haven’t seen in more than a century (at least on Nov. 7 and Nov. 8).

Records from 1916 and 1915, respectively, have a good chance of falling Saturday and Sunday.

Monday’s record of 75 degrees might be just out of reach, but we should put 2020 in the record books again Tuesday with a 71 degree finish, beating the record of 68 degrees.

Skies will be mostly sunny all weekend. Monday will still be bright, with added clouds. More clouds stack up Tuesday ahead of a big pattern change Wednesday.

Big switch

A cold front will arrive late Tuesday night, bringing overnight rain that will last through Wednesday morning. Temperatures will start in the 40s Wednesday and only recover to the mid-50s in the afternoon.

It gets even cooler as we approach next weekend. Morning lows will be in the 30s on Friday and Saturday, which makes the precipitation chance Friday worth watching closely.

It should be just rain as of right now, though.

Tracking Eta

We’re still watching Eta as it emerges into the Caribbean Sea. It will strengthen into a tropical storm and impact South Florida late this weekend.

We’re unsure whether it will make landfall, but either way, it will emerge in the Gulf of Mexico and be a player for U.S. Gulf Coast next week. Stay tuned!

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