Metro Detroit weather: Dry with temperatures moving upward through the week

Highs in the 30s Monday

DETROIT – If you’re looking for serious snow, you won’t find it here. While the northeast gets walloped, our work week will be completely dry for many.

Staying Snow-Free

We’ve got only one shot of snow before the weekend, and it’s not impressive. The same system that will slam the east coast with upwards of 2 FEET of snow, will just clip us Wednesday on its way to the Atlantic seaboard. South Zone spots and maybe some downriver communities can expect a few snow showers, but that’s it. Most of us will stay dry until the weekend when a cold front will start falling apart as it gets close. So we can expect a some rain to start and then some snow showers. Expect windy conditions regardless of how much precipitation the front can spit out. This system will be arriving from the northwest, so it will be a lot drier than the southerly lows we’ve been used to. Whatever shows up will be gone before sunrise Sunday.

Trending Milder

Just like last week, we’re starting out with our coolest numbers of the forecast. Temperatures will be moving upward through the week, but the payoff won’t be close to the upper 50s like this past weekend. In fact, the way things look now, 40 will be a gift by the weekend. Remember normal highs are in the mid 30s. So despite dipping below that threshold on Tuesday, the rest of the week will be at or above normal.

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