Metro Detroit weather: Quiet NYE, but first day of 2021 will be wet, icy

Metro Detroit weather forecast Dec. 31, 2020

DETROIT – We experienced a nice little push of cold air after the rain raced through Metro Detroit yesterday.

We can actually enjoy a bit of quiet weather today through the first half of tomorrow. Skies will stay mostly to partly cloudy today as we get ready for all of our zoom parties. But if you’re running here and there, we will have tranquil conditions for all of SE Lower Michigan and Southern Ontario on this last day of this crazy 2020.

Highs will hit the mid 30s and that’s it with winds W 5-10 mph. We are dry and good to go all afternoon, evening, and all night.

New Year’s Day storm

Let’s ring in the New Year in all kinds of new and great ways, right? Our weather starts great Friday with low to mid 20s in the morning, and dry weather through lunch. Then, everything gets a little dicey.

Wet weather will move in mid afternoon Friday and it could be bad at times. It’s a system moving up from the southwest and should bring us some nice snow at first and not until 2 or 3pm tomorrow.

The worst threat is freezing rain, or ice through the late Friday afternoon as the clouds above may move faster than the air here on the surface. That means it’s falling as rain onto a frozen or near frozen surface. Our high temps may not arrive until the evening and beyond when the plain rain should take over.

Be extra mindful and careful about the ice. A few extra blankets, and some firewood at the ready in case we see ice causing problems on power lines. It should be brief before the rain takes over, but it doesn’t take long to see the impact on the roads and for those caught off guard.


It looks like Saturday will begin to dry out after some of that early morning snow stuff. This may leave a nice weekend coating and it’s gone by 8 or 9am. Highs hit the upper 30s. It’s similar Sunday, but one model throws another mixed bag or wintry mix at us in the afternoon. We’ll keep an eye on it. The Local4Casters app is free and always your best weapon when preparing for our wonderful and changing weather!

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