Metro Detroit weather: Searching for next snow chance after dry stretch

Wednesday kicks off stretch of dry weather

Metro Detroit weather forecast Jan. 5, 2021 -- 11 p.m. Update
Metro Detroit weather forecast Jan. 5, 2021 -- 11 p.m. Update

DETROIT – We’re starting to settle into a consistent pattern for the next several days, but can we work some sunshine and warmth into that equation?

Drying out

The last of our inconsequential snowflakes will exit before midnight. That will begin a dry stretch that takes us through at least the middle of next week.

Next Thursday (Jan. 14) looks like our next believable shot of snow.

As of Tuesday afternoon, we’re within an inch of average snowfall for the 2020-21 season, and get this: We’ve picked up more snow than last season at this point in the year. Taking a break from the flakes won’t put us far off schedule.

Hugging normal

As we talked about Monday, our normal high temperature is 32 degrees and will stay at that mark all month.

Forecast temperatures will be slightly above for the next 10 days. The warmest will be 37 degrees Thursday.

Normal lows will be 19 degrees, starting Thursday. That number also stays put for the rest of January. Our margins will be greater in the morning, with plenty of clouds to prevent big overnight temperature drops.

Waiting for sun

We’ve had our fair share of gray days, but the forecast is looking brighter toward the weekend. Expect at least some limited peeks at the sun Thursday and Friday, with more of a half-and-half sky for Saturday and Sunday.

The weekend sun/cloud recipe should carry forward into next week, as well.

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