Metro Detroit weather: Quick burst of snow, more cold temperatures

Light snow moves through Monday night

DETROIT – There’s a little bit of snow and a whole lot of cold in this week’s forecast.

Quick burst of snow

A quick burst of light snow will move through Monday night. Most of it will fall during the evening hours.

Accumulations will end up around an inch in most locations. This is will be fairly dry and powdery, so you might be able to take care of it with a broom on the porch and sidewalk.

Some of the flakes will linger into the morning commute, but we’ll be dry for nearly all of the daylight hours.

Less frigid days

Temperatures will recover to the low and mid-20s for afternoons during the workweek, but overnight lows will be in single digits for most locations, starting Tuesday night.

Also, we should see at least some sunshine at times despite the bitter cold feels. At least winds won’t be all that brisk for the next several days, keeping the “feels like numbers closer to actual temperatures.

More snow Friday

Another quick-moving snowmaker rolls in late Thursday night through the first half of Friday. Early indications are that it will produce a bit more snow than Monday night’s burst, but this doesn’t look like a big event.

Timing, of course, isn’t ideal, with a lot of the snow falling during the Friday morning drive.

Colder weekend

The cold takes us down another notch by the weekend. Highs won’t get out of the teens Saturday and Sunday.

Morning lows will barely stay in single digits in the Metro Zone, and we could have below-zero starts in some outlying areas.

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