Metro Detroit weather: Temperatures rise, but snow chances stick around

Temperatures finally move above normal

DETROIT – After nearly an entire month below normal, temperatures are finally moving above that mark, though we won’t be snow-free this week.

Sloppy drive

Our next shot at precipitation arrives overnight Monday into Tuesday morning. This will start as snow and transition to rain as temperatures rise from early Monday evening until we hit a high in the low 40s on Tuesday afternoon.

Road temperatures will likely be above freezing for most areas south of Eight Mile Road on Tuesday morning. But north of there, be ready for some slick spots for the morning commute.

Finally mild-er

That Tuesday high in the low 40s isn’t a one-and-done number. Every single high temperature will be above freezing in the 10-day forecast. Half of those numbers are in the 40s!

Normal for this time of year is 37 degrees, but unlike January, the normals are not relatively stagnant. By next Monday, the normal high will be 40.


There will be more variation in the morning lows, ranging from the 30s early in the week to the teens by Friday morning.

Still snow

Wednesday will be a near-miss with rain and snow just off to our north. But a weak disturbance Thursday will bring some light snow.

The next shot at precipitation will be Saturday, and that should be just rain with highs in the low 40s.

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