Metro Detroit weather: Above freezing, but just barely

Get ready for cooler weather

DETROIT – The cooldown starts tonight as temperatures tumble even beyond the weekend.

Chilling Out

We’ve been living on borrowed time with temperatures that were more typical of early May than early March. But this last week plus of winter (spring starts a week from Saturday) will bring us back to reality.

Temperatures Thursday night will stay above freezing, but just barely. Then we’ll finish in the mid 50s Friday afternoon. That’s still 10 degrees above normal but our warmest temperature of the forecast.

Pleasant Weekend

The bar for what passes as “beautiful” or “impressive” has been set pretty high this week with a record high and well above normal temperatures. So, if this was any other late winter weekend, we’d probably be over the moon about it.

Temperatures will be near normal with highs in the mid-to-upper 40s. Plus we’ll have plenty of sunshine and fairly light winds. Morning starts will get your attention, though. Saturday begins in the low-and-mid 20s. Sunday morning will be only a few degrees milder.

Next Week Mix

Monday’s dry, too. But highs will barely touch 40. That will be our first below normal day in more than a week. So when our next round of rain approaches Monday night.

It may begin as some sleet or freezing rain before transitioning to all rain for Tuesday.

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