Metro Detroit weather: Record heat possible this weekend; rain chances hang around

Temperatures in 80s continue heading into weekend

Metro Detroit weather forecast May 19, 2021 -- 11 p.m. Update

DETROIT – The heat is just getting started with us. Records look more attainable this weekend, while rain chances are still hanging around.

Burst of July

Now that highs are in the 80s, the mercury will continue rising into the weekend.

Thursday will beat the May 2 high of 83 degrees for the warmest of the year so far when we reach the mid-80s in the Metro Zone.

Friday’s temperature will inch into the upper 80s, which will be just 4 degrees away from the record of 92 degrees.

High temperatures will stick around that mark through the weekend, so Saturday’s record of 90 degrees and Sunday’s record of 89 degrees are definitely in play.

Taste of humidity

This heat won’t come without a bit of dry air. Remember, we use dew point temperatures as a more accurate humidity measurement, as compared to relative humidity.

The dew point is simply the temperature that would give you 100% relative humidity. It doesn’t change as drastically through the day as relative humidity, so it’s more representative of how humid it feels outside.

Here are some general rules of thumb for interpreting dew points:

  • Less than 59 degrees is considered “pleasant.”
  • Between 60 and 65 degrees is considered “noticeable.”
  • Between 65 and 70 degrees is considered “muggy.”
  • Between 70 and 75 degrees is considered “tropical.”
  • Greater than 75 degrees is considered “oppressive.”

By Friday, dew points will just be touching 60, so humidity will become “noticeable.”

Saturday will be similar, but by Sunday, dew point temperatures will reach the mid-60s in many spots, giving some a legitimate “muggy” day.

We get slightly drier air Sunday night, then muggy again Monday.

Rain around

After dry days Thursday and Friday, Saturday will hold an early shower or thunder chance. But that will be mainly in the northern part of the area and should be gone by lunch.

Sunday looks dry on the front end with showers and thunderstorms possible by early evening. The majority of the weekend’s daylight hours still look dry.

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