Metro Detroit weather: Drier, cooler forecast this week

Rain chances return for weekend

Metro Detroit weather: 6/14/21
Metro Detroit weather: 6/14/21

DETROIT – Rain chances have been a dime a dozen over the last week, but that won’t be the case this week.

Drying out

After any evening showers and thunder exit Monday night, we won’t see rain again until just before the weekend. Some of us might be OK with that.

Radar estimates show multiple locations with more than 4 inches of rain over the past seven days. Metro airport was not one of those spots, though, with an official total of less than a half-inch.

Our next rain chance will be Friday, likely coming as thunderstorms. Then, we’ll get wet again late Sunday. But don’t change any weekend plans yet. Most of that rain should be coming into Monday.

Cooling down

Temperatures and humidity took a big leap downward to start the week. Highs will be even cooler through midweek. Expect 70s in the afternoon for Tuesday and Wednesday. Even morning lows will drop to the 40s in a lot of spots to start Wednesday.

Plus, the air has dried out significantly. Dew point temperatures will sink into the 20s and 30s when the coolest air is here. Even when the humidity comes back Friday, dew points will only reach the upper 50s to low 60s, meaning the humidity will be barely noticeable.

Temperatures in the 80s return to the forecast, starting Thursday. They’ll be around again Friday before slightly cooler numbers move in for the weekend.

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