Metro Detroit weather: Rain not finished, but things will improve for weekend

Holiday weekend forecast looks much better

Metro Detroit weather forecast June 29, 2021 -- 11 p.m. Update

We’ll ditch some of the heat before the weekend. But humidity and rain chances aren’t done with us yet.

Rain returns

Wednesday will be a bit different than our pattern so far this week. As the frontal boundary which has been squatting rent-free (I’m assuming) across the Great Lakes starts to make a move, It will give us some lift earlier in the day. So plan on a few showers in the morning, with more in the afternoon.

These should be weaker than days past. But obviously no one needs any more liquid. We do not have a severe threat, but a few downpours and lightning strikes are possible, especially with the PM cells.

Turning the corner

Thursday starts to reveal the pattern change that will take us into the holiday weekend. High temperatures stay in the 70s. Humidity starts to drop by evening. And other than a few instability showers behind the front, we’ll remain dry.

Friday will be partly cloudy with highs in the mid 70s and very low humidity. There’s a very slight shot at a shower here, but don’t let it spoil any pre-holiday plans.

Independence from humidity

Dry air should remain with us through the 4th of July weekend. High temperatures start creeping up, but will stay below normal through Sunday. By the way, Sunday’s normal high is 84. That’s the highest normal temperature we see in Detroit. That’s where the normals will remain until the end of the month, when they start retreating toward autumn.

Some of us will be celebrating the 4th on Monday the 5th, which is the federal holiday. Humidity does start to return along with highs in the mid 80s. But as of now, it looks like we will remain dry with plenty of sunshine.

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