Weather: Relief coming this weekend in Metro Detroit before more heat, storm chances return

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After a stormy start to our Thursday with showers and thunderstorms, some of them leaving some damage behind over portions of southeastern Michigan this morning, we are dealing with more heat for yet another day, but we do have some refreshing changes on the way as we head into the upcoming weekend.

Plenty of sunshine working through the afternoon and evening hours will give away to mainly clear skies overnight tonight. Overnight lows will be a few degrees cooler than the past couple days, dropping into the mid to upper 60s as we head into early on Friday morning.

Weekend outlook

Expect plenty of sunshine as we head into the end of the week on Friday, temperatures running about 10 degrees cooler than we were throughout our Thursday. Daytime highs heading back into the lower 80s, and it will be breezy as we head into Friday, and the beginning of the weekend as well.

We’ll keep the clear skies in overnight Saturday night and early on Sunday morning, temperature is dropping yet again as we are looking at the mid 50s moving in for just about everybody. This will be a refreshing change from the high heat and high humidity we’ve had for the majority of this week.

Expect more sunshine as we had throughout Saturday and the Father’s Day on Sunday. But we will bring in a few more clouds as we head into Sunday afternoon and Sunday evening, and into early next week on Monday as well.

We’re bringing in a slight chance of a rain shower as we had through the end of the weekend and into early next week, but most places will stay dry. High temperature Saturday and Sunday only into the upper 70s, then heading into the upper 80s by the time we get to Monday.

Next week preview

Our next heat wave is on the way to the region as we head into the middle of next week. Will keep a mixture of sunshine and clouds in the forecast as we head into Tuesday, high temperatures heading into the upper 90s by Tuesday afternoon. W

e also bring in our chance of thunderstorms back to the forecast as we head to the middle of next week on Wednesday, high temperatures heading into the middle 90s by Wednesday afternoon. And will keep the chance of a few rain showers into the forecast as we have until next Thursday.

High temperatures still on the warm side of things as we head into the upper 80s by Thursday afternoon.