Scattered showers for some to continue through Sunday in Metro Detroit

Rain primarily impacting those west of US-23

DETROITGood Saturday afternoon!

If you’ve been following my forecasts all week, you’ve heard me say many times that the computer models were a hot mess in their handling of this weekend’s rain pattern. There were many disagreements, and even some of today’s model runs completely mishandled today’s rain! In fact, two high-resolution computer models gave many of us rain all day. Yes, it’s been that bad.

But it’s my job as a meteorologist to understand the physics of these models and when and why they struggle.

This rain would be moving into a very dry air mass between the surface and 10,000 feet, and, as a result, most of this afternoon’s rain would be west of US-23, in direct contrast to what some of the models were showing. And that’s exactly where the rain has been. 

There have also been a few showers and sprinkles in our North Zone today, but for the heart of the metro area, it’s been a mostly dry day.

There will still be showers around tonight, with the most rain once again falling generally west of US-23. 

Tonight’s sunset is at 8:37 p.m.

Lows will be in the upper-50s to near 60 degrees with a light and variable wind.

Showers continue Sunday

Sunday morning’s sunrise is at 6:40 a.m.

There will also be scattered showers around on Sunday. The best chance of rain is during the first half of the day, but I still cannot rule out a few showers Sunday afternoon. 

While there may be some showers for the big South Oakland County American Cancer Society Relay for Life at the Detroit Zoo Sunday morning, there should be a lower rain chance at the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert Sunday evening. If you missed my article yesterday, I graduated from high school with drummer Chad Smith, so I’m doing everything I can to help out my fellow Andover Baron!

Highs Sunday will be noticeably cooler than in recent days, reaching the upper-60s to near 70 degrees. An east-southeast wind will move at 4-8 mph.  Temperatures both at the relay and the concert should be in the mid-60s.

Dry next week

Our weather will improve on Monday, as cloudy skies in the morning should become partly cloudy in the afternoon. Highs will rebound into the upper-70s.

The rest of the week appears dry, with mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies. Highs will warm from near 80 degrees on Tuesday into the mid-80s by the end of the week. And, best of all, we should be able to keep the humidity under control!

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