Tracking rain showers, wintry mix nearly every day this week in Metro Detroit: What to know

Showers begin Monday evening

DETROITGood Monday morning!

It’s a cold and clear start to our work and school week.

Temperatures start in the lower 20s to middle 20s with wind chills in the middle teens. That will warrant the full winter garb for when you head out today. Just do your best to cover up, as exposed skin could experience frostbite if left uncovered for 30-60 minutes.

That being said, it’s not an unusually cold or windy morning, just cold enough to bundle up. The cold temps are thanks, in part, to clear skies early -- but that will not last all day, unfortunately.

Today’s sunrise is at 7:47 a.m.

We will warm up through the morning as skies fill with clouds over time. We should see Metro Detroit temperatures in the upper 30s to near 40 degrees at lunch time, and then highs will settle in the low and middle 40s later this afternoon.

The winds will be picking up, moving SW at 7-15 mph, gusting to 20-25 mph from time to time, keeping that wind chill alive. Temps will feel 5-8 degrees cooler than the air temp all day.

Skies will go from partly sunny to mostly cloudy to all out overcast as we go through the afternoon, with signs that some moisture is on the way. It will be dry through sunset with increasing chances of rain this evening.

Tonight’s sunset is at 5:01 p.m.

Rain Monday evening

Rain showers will be moving into Metro Detroit from the west and southwest mainly after 6 p.m., as temperatures fall from the low 40s back into the upper 30s through the evening. It should be mostly light rain across most of our area, with a chance for a few wet snowflakes mixing in tonight (which is more likely for those north of M-59).

More rain Tuesday night

We should see drier conditions before the Tuesday morning drive really gets going, with temperatures in the middle 30s first thing tomorrow. That means we won’t have to worry about ice on the roads from freezing rain or snow falling and icing up.

The roads will be wet early, but we will see mostly cloudy and dry weather during most of the day Tuesday. Highs will be in the middle 40s with a lighter breeze moving NE at 5-11 mph.

There will be more cool rain moving into SE Lower Michigan and Southern Ontario late on Tuesday into early Wednesday. This will be mostly rain Tuesday night overnight into early Wednesday, with parts of our area seeing some wintry mix as temps cool into the middle and upper 30s.

The precipitation should not amount to much.

Drier Wednesday

The wet weather leaves our area during, or just before, the morning commute Wednesday. Then we’ll have partly sunny skies and our only shot at 50 degrees all week here in Metro Detroit.

The driest stretch of weather this week will be during the daytime on Wednesday through the early afternoon on Thursday.

More rain Thursday

We do have another storm taking aim at Metro Detroit as we head into the mid- or late afternoon on Thursday. This systems looks like it will bring more moisture than the two other systems earlier in the week. So, we should plan for very slow and sloppy travel Thursday evening through Friday morning, as a cold front moves through.

We have a better chance of seeing some snow with this Thursday storm, too, especially as we head into Friday morning. Thursday’s highs will land between 45-50 degrees, as it all depends on the timing of that rain.

The rain will become lighter or more scattered by Friday afternoon. Our weather will cool into the weekend, but nothing too dramatic.

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