Metro Detroit weather: Taste of July upcoming with temperatures in 80s

Humidity will make temperatures feel like 90 degrees

So where exactly is all this heat we've been talking about for days? Well, the humidity showed up on time, but forgot to bring the 80s with it.

Cloud cover is slowly pulling away. It's too little, too late for Monday. The flip side is that temperatures won't fall very far Monday night as humidity continues to increase. Expect some uncomfortable sleeping weather. Lows will be in the upper 60s area-wide.  Also, it will remain very humid. These numbers will likely set a record for highest low temperature for the day.

On Tuesday, you'll swear you woke up in the middle of July. Temperatures will be on their way to the mid-80s, with a lot more sun than Monday. That will get very close to the record high of 88 degrees. When you consider the high humidity, it will feel like 90 degrees in spots. The 4ZONE page will show you how it will feel in your neighborhood Tuesday afternoon.

Just to make it feel more like July, there's a marginal risk for severe weather in the evening, primarily in the North and West zones. Expect thunderstorms to develop closer to sunset in the North Zone. These will slowly migrate south during the evening, but stay north of Eight Mile Road for the most part.

Wednesday will get cooler, but most of the remainder of our forecast will take us below normal, with some chilly nights ahead.

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