🎉 Happy Birthday to who?


Today marks the first day of the last year I'll spend in my forties, and I'm not quite sure how I feel about that. Age ain't nuthin' but a number, as the saying goes, and 49 is the new 39 blah blah blah. But, it does mark the passage of time that only seems to increase in speed as we get older. What's up with that?

George Carlin said life was backward. He thought we should start out as children with our adult peak salaries and make less as we age. Louie Anderson echoed that observation in his act, saying that he taunts children at the store by saying, "See that candy? I could buy all of it. But I don't want it. Well, see ya." I'm paraphrasing Louie's act from memory but his point, and George's, is rock solid when you think about it logically.

This is why you see so many men with my hair color, which is to say color-less, driving Corvettes and not going on $1,000 shopping sprees at Al's Toy Barn. I would have said Toys "R" Us, but, well, pfffft. Talk about a double serving of lemons; even if I did grow up still wanting to run wild in the Matchbox and Lego's aisles with my paycheck in hand, Toys "R" Us is no more and thus it wouldn't have the same feeling.

I couldn't tell you what I did on my 39th birthday (or birthdays 29, 19 and 9 for that matter). I suppose there was cake, and merriment, among family and friends. I made wishes and dutifully blew out candles.

But, my 40th I do remember. My wife was 5 months pregnant with our daughter and yet found the energy to schlep my suddenly middle-aged self to SoCal for a tour of L.A. to Palm Springs to San Diego. I drank Scotch, ate steak and listened to Mel Torme's daughter tell stories about The Velvet Fog himself.

And then a few months later I was a dad. And a few years later I was still a dad… with an adult paycheck… and Toys R Us was still in business.


- Jason

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