Survey shows black business owners feel left out of Detroit's resurgence

80% feel they aren't getting a fair shot

DETROIT – "Left Out" -- that's the headline of a new survey of 100 black business owners in the city of Detroit.

In that survey, 80 percent say they feel they haven't been given a fair shot at getting in on the city's booming economy.

Lots of people and traffic is pretty much the new norm in Downtown Detroit.

"I witnessed Detroit coming back," said Alisha Moss, CEO of VM3 Consulting and Construction.

But she said not everyone is included in the growth.

A recent Black Business Owner Economic Confidence Survey shows black business owners feel left out.

The Detroit Coalition for Economic Inclusion asked local businesses in commercial development several questions over the last recent months about the growth in Detroit.

Cedric Fails, with CG Fails and Associates, a black-owned accounting firm, participated in the survey, and he feels this recent economic growth doesn't include him or his colleagues.

myFails, who has been in Detroit his entire professional career, says he is not getting "the opportunity to serve Detroit the way I can."

The survey states that 68 percent of the city's leading black-owned businesses have a negative outlook on black business growth in 2019, and 67 percent said they don't feel included and able to participate in the economic growth. In response to another statement, 78 percent said they don't feel as if they are getting a fair shot at winning the big development in Downtown Detroit.

Some business owners disagree.

Local developer Richard Hosey feels the complete opposite. He said he's getting his share of the pie.

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