Clawson Public Schools considering building closure, merger with another district

Parents receive letter about district's future

CLAWSON, Mich. – Parents of children in the Clawson School District received a surprise in their inboxes Wednesday, as the superintendent announced major changes are on the way.

Superintendent Tim Wilson has concerns about the district's future and is looking into solutions.

The district has enough money for now, but in about three years, something will need to change.

Clawson has two elementary schools, a middle school and a high school. Districts throughout Michigan are suffering from dwindling enrollment because there are fewer children, which means less money from the state.

The district is considering several options: changing building configurations, closing a school, or merging with another district. Nearby Troy seems like the most likely district that Clawson would merge with.

Wilson will be taking suggestions for another option from parents at a public hearing Oct. 16.

A letter sent to parents Wednesday morning explained the district is losing about 80 students per year. Parent Tammy Maloney said she did a double-take.

"I'm surprised, based on the fact they do have an open school district and many come to Clawson and don't necessarily live in Clawson," Maloney said.

Among those families from out of town is Dawn Haggart, of Ferndale, who sends two children to the Clawson School District.

"I chose the school because of the better district ... and the diversity in the school itself and a lot of the curriculum," Haggart said.

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