Friday Finds: New music to check out – Oct. 4, 2019

DETROIT – Happy Friday!

5 songs we have on repeat this week:

From the First Note -- We Came As Romans

Michigan's We Came As Romans dropped their first new music since losing singer Kyle Pavone to an accidental drug overdose last summer.

LISTEN: We Came As Romans drops 2 songs remembering late singer Kyle Pavone

"From the First Note" and "Carry the Weight" both pay homage to and remember Pavone. While the songs have their heavy moments, they are deeply emotional and address the pain the members have been dealing with since Pavone's death.

"I won't forget the memories, I know / You'll always be a part of me, and / Every way you changed me still shines through / You're the light that I follow home / Every way you changed me still shines through / I can't replace you."

The band said earlier this year that they didn't have intentions to replace Pavone as they started working on a new album.

The new tracks don't include Pavone, but co-vocalist Dave Stephens previously said a new album may contain material Pavone worked on before he died.

If you like "From the First Note," here are some other songs by We Came As Romans worth checking out:

Just Keep Breathing | The World I Used to Know | Hope | Dreams | To Plant a Seed |

Good Thing -- Zedd (with Kehlani)

If you’ve been looking for a fall anthem -- here it is.

This new single has producer Zedd and singer Kehlani teaming up for a banging new hit that’s all about those good vibes. This is the first time the pair has teamed up, and it's not clear if this will be a one-time deal or if something bigger is on the horizon.

The track has a solid beat hooked on empowering lyrics that Kehlani's voice drives home. The overall vibe of this song is promoting self-love and not needing anyone else.

“Don’t tell me that you got a good thing for me / ’Cause I already got a good thing with me / Yeah, I’ve already done everything I dreamed / I’m good by myself, don’t need no one else / Don’t tell me that you got a good thing for me, ’cause I already got a good thing.”

Zedd is expected to release a third studio album, but a date has not been announced. He is a producer, DJ and songwriter known for producing electro house music drawing influences from dubstep and classical.

Kehlani is from California, where she originally achieved fame as a member of the teen group Poplyfe. The group finished fourth in the sixth season of America's Got Talent. She has supported Demi Lovato and Halsey on tours.

If you like "Good Thing," here are some other songs by Zedd worth checking out:

StayClarityStay The NightI Want You To KnowBeautiful Now |

Drowning -- Chris Young

Country singer Chris Young remembers his best friend in an emotional song and music video about the loss.

Young wrote "Drowning" about his friend Adam Carnes. The video for the solemn track opens with Young holding a photo of Carnes.

Young sings about the loss, grieving and accepting death.

"So I'm gonna pull out pictures, ones with you in 'em / Laugh and cry a little while reminiscing by myself / I can't help that all I think about is / How you were taken way too soon / It ain't the same here without you / I gotta say missin' you comes in waves/ And tonight I'm drowning."

Young said he wrote the song with two of his friends as a healing moment.

Young will perform Nov. 22 at the DOW Event Center in Saginaw, Michigan.

If you like "Drowning," here are some other songs by Chris Young worth checking out:

Hangin' On | I'm Comin' Over | She's Got a Way | Raised on Country | Voices |

Nothing Is Wrong -- Mike Posner

Detroit native Mike Posner seems to have done a lot of self-exploration and growing since his "Cooler Than Me" days, and that growth is reflected in his emotionally driven music.

In line with his most recent album, "Nothing Is Wrong" feels honest, open and spur of the moment. The video released with the song is just as gentle and moving as the beat and lyrics. It's worth watching.

"I can worry, I can overthink things / That's exactly when I tend to want to drink things / Tend to wanna smoke things ‘til I realized there's no thing outside of me / That kinda helped me grow wings / Listen up. I think this is dope / To love is very different than to own / Let that sink in"

Posner's father died in January 2017, a subject he touches on in his most recent album. He has also been on a trek across America, and you can track his progress here. Part of the reason he began this walk was to inspire others to seize the day.

"This journey has completely changed my life and how I think of myself and where I live. I get all the credit but in reality there’s so many people that have helped me along," Posner said on Facebook.

The lyrics on this track hit hard, especially at the end. Posner can write well and that shines through in this peaceful single. As the title circles back to the end, his delivery is smooth -- brace yourself.

"I'm something much more beautiful / Deeper than even I know / Took me thirty years to wake up and write this song / Took me thirty years to realize nothing is wrong"

If you like "Nothing Is Wrong," here are some other songs by Mike Posner worth checking out:

Slow It DownSong About YouIrisJadeIn The Arms Of A Stranger |

Deceiver/Deceived -- Of Mice & Men

"Deceiver/Deceived" is a track about liars and betrayal off Of Mice & Men's "EARTHANDSKY."

"Lie, deny, evade / And bend the truth / Until it starts to break (Distort reality) /So fake, persuade, betray / Then tell yourself that everyone’s to blame/ Deceiver and deceived."

Shifting blame, victimizing oneself and denial are all themes on the song that frontman Aaron Pauley said describes how people are now.

"I think that we’re surrounded by pathological liars, and this culture buys into their pathological lies as well as the lies of other people," he told Rock Sound. "The same people that scream, 'Why did you lie to me?' will then turn around and perpetuate that lie or create their own."

If you like "Deceiver/Deceived," here are some other songs by Of Mice & Men worth checking out:

SECOND & SEBRING | How to Survive | YDG | The Lie | Real |

Other songs to check out:

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