4Frenzy Spotlight: Chippewa Valley's Tennis team claims 3 Fan Choice Awards

First year head coach is already a fan favorite

Coach Colin Evanson is in his first year of coaching the boys tennis team at Chippewa Valley High School and has already received tremendous support not only from his players, but also his community. Evanson won a 4Frenzy Fan Choice Award for "Favorite Coach" in our tennis category.

Alongside Evanson, senior Matt Miller also took home one of our 4Frenzy Fan Choice Awards for  Favorite Senior. Evanson speaks very highly of Matt, saying, "Matt Miller has been a four-year varsity player, playing singles for the past three years. It is a tough position, and he has done very well."

Junior Sawyer Slanec took home Favorite Junior in the tennis category for our 4Frenzy Fan Choice Awards. "Sawyer is new to tennis this year, but he has some of the highest energy on the team, as well as being one of the most competitive players at practice, which drives him to do better," Evanson said. 

He has faced some adversity since overtaking this program. "I had some big shoes to fill, but the guys were amazing and welcomed me with open arms and we did some great things this season," Evanson said. 

He is very proud of his team and thankful for the support they have received from their Chippewa Valley community. These three 4Frenzy Fan Choice award winners truly speak to the dedication of this program and the players. His players are not only committed to their school, but to their team and their teammates, too.