Spotlight: Northville's David Moore leaves it all on the slopes

Read more about metro Detroit's 'Favorite Senior' in skiing



David was a part of the creation and development of the Northville Ski team.

During David's freshman year, there was no ski team. He was approached by a few other kids and they decided that they wanted to start one. Over those next few months, David and the others started fundraising . Today, they have 27 skiers on the Northville team and finished fifth in their division.

"It was great to be able to leave a mark on my high school," David said.


Even with this major accomplishment for David, he still had faced some challenges throughout his skiing career. David reflected on a time during his junior year when he had hit a slump and wasn't skiing up to his true potential. This discouraged him and made him lose the passion and dedication that he once had for the sport. Eventually, he decided he needed to get out of this slump for the sake of his teammates. He started putting 100% effort into every practice and kept racing until all those kinks were out. 



Support System:

David has two very important people in his life: his mom and dad. For David, his mom is by far his biggest fan. She is always at every one of his races and he knows this because she is the loudest one there when he is skiing! David's dad is credited as his role model. His dad has a very strong work ethic and puts others above himself, and that is what David strives to do. 


Winning a Fan Choice Award means a lot to the senior skier. He has put so much effort in to see his team succeed on the slopes and being recognized by the community, makes him feel really good. "I often asked myself "is this all worth it?" and it is reassuring to know that all my hard work has paid off," David says. 


Pre-Race Rituals:

Before every race, David drinks an orange Red Bull and listens to "Bonfire" and "Sweatpants" by Childish Gambino. Once he enters the starting gate, David hits his ski poles against each other twice, stomps his feet three times, and takes one deep breath before going. 


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