Tackling proper school sports safety with DMC

School sports are back and there are new ways to keep kids safe this season

This segment Is sponsored by DMC - Detroit Medical Center

High school sports are back and in full force and kids are having fun, but it's important to help them get a safe and healthy start to the season. Our sponsors at DMC - Detroit Medical Center have a checklist every parent should use. Dr. Jonathan Nzoma, an Orthopedic Surgeon and Sports Medicine Specialist with DMC, answered some important, and potentially life-saving questions.

Some of the topics include staying hydrated, using the proper sports gear, making realistic goals, scheduling a doctor's appointment before starting a program and making time in the daily routine for plenty of rest.  

Check out the video for the questions and Dr. Nzoma's answers.

For a checklist of everything your student needs for fall sports and more important healthy guidelines for your family, visit dmc.org/4athletes

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