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Senior Frenzy - Congratulations Class of 2020
Senior Frenzy - Congratulations Class of 2020

Below are videos of some of the graduation photos submitted to Senior Frenzy that aired on Local 4. Sorry, we just aren’t able to air all of them.

You can also find the videos on our Twitter and Facebook by searching the hashtag #SeniorFrenzy. To see more videos in stories like this, go to

Students in above video; Courtney - Hartland HS, Ian - Eisenhower HS, Kain - Fraser HS, Katy - Regina HS, Lily - Salem HS, Nina - Huron HS, Shelby - Oxford HS

Students; Adriana - Novi HS, Aislinn - Hartland HS, Alexandra - Dakota HS, Emma - Warren Cousino HS, Greg - Franklin HS, Hailey - Chippewa Valley HS, Michael - Eisenhower HS

Students; Jacqueline - Henry Ford II HS, Lanel - John Glenn HS, Madison - Franklin HS, Steven - Hartland HS, Terrence - Chippewa Valley HS, Tyren - Fraser HS, Zachary - Success VLC

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