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4Frenzy Game of the Week - Brighton vs Plymouth
4Frenzy Game of the Week - Brighton vs Plymouth

Our ‘Game of The Week’ is Brighton vs Plymouth tonight. Watch Local 4 News tomorrow night to see the highlights! Before that, you can read a story about the two teams and hear from the coaches HERE.

Brighton’s cheer team will do a 4Frenzy Instagram Takeover during the game, so go follow us @4Frenzy!

Want your club/team to do an Instagram takeover? Email 4Frenzy@wdiv.com.

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4Frenzy Fall Fan Choice Awards

Nominations are only open thru Sunday!

Click here to nominate -- any high schooler has a chance to win!

Don’t forget we have new categories like “Most Likely To Be Your Boss” and “Most Likely To Go Viral” under 2020 Favorites!

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