All about Spirit Squad winner Woodhaven varsity cheer!

Woodhaven’s new head coach is Kaylyn Teffault, a Woodhaven alumni in her 9th year of coaching. Her first four years were coaching the middle school team, and the last four have been coaching high school varsity.

“This team is made up of the most hard working athletes,” Coach Teffault enthused. “I love being their coach,”

*We just started competitive season with 6 freshmen, 15 sophomores, 2 juniors and 3 seniors (20 are returning state finalists!) Our goals are to win another district title, go to state finals again and just enjoy being with each other doing what we love after a crazy season last year.

Keep scrolling to learn a bit about Woodhaven Varsity Cheer’s three seniors, Sophia, Paige, and Kennedy, whom Coach Teffault says are important leaders to the team. ⬇️

Sophia Lustig

Favorite subject: Science and math

Favorite school lunch: Nachos

Favorite musician: Thomas Rhett

Role model: Mom, Annie Lustig, grandma Bonita Hetner, and neighbor Kerri Sanders

Sophia started cheer when she was in second grade. Her passion for cheerleading has been matched by her team, who is under great direction from her coach, Kaylyn Teffault.

“My coach and team are absolutely incredible,” said Sophia. “My coach is so amazing and passionate about cheer, and my team is so hardworking and talented.”

Though she admits that cheer is her favorite pastime, Sophia also enjoys competing in Track and Field in both the hurtles and long jump. When she’s not hard at work on her athletics, she loves to bake.

“Keep on persevering,” encouraged Sophia. “Cheer is a sport that’s tough both mentally and physically, so if you stay strong and push past the obstacles you encounter, then you will be successful.

In the future she hopes her team will make it to State Finals again this year. She is planning on studying a medical-related major in college in order to have a career in the field.

Spirit Squad winner Woodhaven varsity cheer (WDIV)
Kennedy Stewart

Favorite subject: English

Favorite school lunch: Salad

Favorite artist: Beyoncé

Role model: VP Harris

Kennedy Stewart started cheer at 3 years old. Now that her final year has finally arrived, she has looked back with much pleasure over her years of cheerleading. With all the support behind her, she plans on continuing her cheer career into college.

“My team and coach are what keep me going,” explained Kennedy. “I love going to practice and being around a positive environment. We have so much drive and talent on this team and I’m so grateful to be cheering with these group of girls.”

Outside of cheer, Kennedy is involved in multiple different clubs including: SADD, DECA, and Women of Woodhaven. Her favorite of those is SADD.

“My advice would be to have fun and to enjoy it,” said Kennedy. “Never be afraid to take a risk and to always keep a positive attitude.”

Kennedy plans on going to college and majoring in criminal justice.

Spirit Squad winner Woodhaven varsity cheer (WDIV)
Paige Cassady

Favorite subject: Marketing

Favorite school lunch: Salad

Favorite artist: Polo G.

Role model: Ms. Brittany the school athletic trainer

Paige Cassady was four years old when she started cheering. Much like the others she credits much of her success to her coach and teammates. She is part of the competitive and sideline cheer teams.

“I absolutely love my team and coach, it’s definitely an adventure everyday with everyone’s crazy personality’s but hard work ethnic,” Paige said.

After her high school days are over, Paige wants to attend college for Athletic Training while continuing her cheer career. She wants to take her career even farther into the future as well by becoming a cheer coach in her later years.

“My advice to people entering Cheer is to have fun and cherish the moments you have,” added Paige. “Just to make sure to remember that the hard work pays off.”

Outside of cheer, Paige is in DECA and SADD.

This is the fourth year in a row that Woodhaven has won the Spirit Squad contest in the 4Frenzy Fan Choice Awards!

We look forward to seeing what the team can do in the future!

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