Video: Divine Child varsity figure skating team on Local 4

Students on the Divine Child's varsity figure skating team are putting in the time to grow and improve as athletes and friends.

DEARBORN, Mich. – It’s a sport we all love to watch during the Winter Olympics -- figuring skating -- but to get to do it in the Olympics, it all starts at the local ice rinks.

Local 4′s Kim DeGiulio takes you to the Dearborn Ice Skating Center, where you meet the Divine Child figure skating team -- which is comprised of nine highly skilled skaters ranging from freshmen to seniors, who currently are in first place for their district.

Varsity Head Coach Leticia Romero, who also skated at Divine Child when she was a student, shares just how much dedication it takes to learn how to do all those spins and jumps -- and make it look easy.

From the outside figure skating seems like an individual sport, however, Coach Romero says it’s still very much a team effort.

Even in the background the girls are working together to help each other out.

“They learn to grow together; they’re lifelong friends,” Romero said.

Currently, Romeo said both her A and B teams are in first place for their district.

Watch the team’s highlight in the video player above.

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