SPOTLIGHT: Diver, gymnast, rock climber, sailor, pianist and more...

Is there anything local student John can’t do?

John Martin, Woodhaven HS Diver, Winner of 2022 Winter 4Frenzy Fan Choice Award

Favorite subjects: Math and Science

Favorite Music: 80′s rock

Fun facts!: Was a competitive gymnast for 13 years, and a sailor for four years.

John Martin loves diving because it allows him to use the best skills he acquired in gymnastics, “I have always considered myself a bit of a daredevil and have always loved the adrenaline that comes from twisting and flipping.”

Not only is he a 4.0 student and diver, but he does a heap of other activities. He enjoys rock climbing, golf, tennis, gymnastics, sailing, playing piano, snowboarding, skiing and playing games with family and friends. He also plans to life guard this summer, “I can’t wait to improve my skills for next year’s season!”

John Martin with teammates (4Frenzy)

His high school team is currently the two-time undefeated Downriver League Champion. John says that his team is always a blast, full of friends that make him laugh, yet are motivating when he needs it.

Coaches Sean Kelly, Tim Skowronski, and Shainna Yacoub help inspire the whole team to be strong individuals in and out of the pool. Paul LaCroix, one of John’s diving coaches, and Coach Sean Kelly are his role models.

“Both of these men are the most genuine and upstanding people that push me to be the best diver, student and person,” says John. “I am so fortunate to have these two men in my life and in my corner.”

John Martin diving (4Frenzy)

John hopes to attend the University of Michigan for Mechanical Engineering, as well as to continue diving there. Looks like you have the passion to make your dreams come true, so best of luck, John!

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