4Frenzy Spotlight: Steven Kaiser

High school senior shares his passion for acting

The votes are in! Warren Woods Tower High School senior Steven Kaiser has won a 4Frenzy Fan Choice Award for male supporting actor.

Kaiser's knack for acting has always been apparent. When he was little, Kaiser would re-enact movies and shows with his toys and parents. He has great memorization skills and never had any sense of stage fright when performing. 

Kaiser, who is also a part of his high school's band

Steven's favorites and fun facts:

  • Musicians: Genesis, The Beatles, Phil Collins, Post Malone and Shiro Sagisu
  • TV showsJoJo's Bizarre Adventure and Breaking Bad
  • MoviesJaws, Full Metal Jacket and Perfect Blue
  • BooksBerserk, Fallen Angels, Jurassic Park and AKIRA 
  • Teachers: Mr. Vukich (World History/Law and Order), Mr. Dougherty (U.S. History, Behavioral Science), Mr. Corpuz (Band)
  • Vacation: NYC band trip
  • Food: Burgers!
  • Role model: His high school swim coach, Gage Lamb, because he always spreads positivity and "never gives up on his athletes/family."
  • Fun fact: Kaiser is also a part of his high school's band and swim teams.

Kaiser and his mother, Dorothy

Kaiser dreams of being an actor. "If not, I hope to support my country in any way possible," Kaiser said. "My mother, Dorothy, and my father, Paul, have always been there for me since day one. They helped build the pathway that I'm taking for myself ... God bless the two of them."

"My sister, Elizabeth, was always someone I looked up to when mom and dad weren't there at times ... She never gave up on me, and always wanted me to take the right courses in life. I can't thank her enough for these 18 years -- from childhood to senior year."

Kaiser and his sister, Elizabeth

Kaiser and his family were completely blown away after discovering his win in the 4Frenzy awards. Elizabeth's reaction was, "Wow this is crazy ... We didn't even know he had a nomination!"

His friends are a big support to him as he works toward his goals. Ryan Walker is a close friend of Kaiser's who's been there since age 4. Carsten Gregerson is his "brother of three armies," because the both of them participate in all three extracurricular activities together: theater, band and swim. Each friend is like a brother Kaiser never had, giving him a great amount of motivation, knowledge, love and support. 

Kaiser playing the role as Pharaoh in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

A $500 scholarship was awarded to Kaiser from the founder of the Warren Woods Drama Club, James Higginbottom, this past April after his last musical performance, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Congratulations to Kaiser and all the other winners in spring 4Frenzy! You can see the results below!

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