Check out these Ann Arbor area artists at the Ann Arbor Art Fair this week

Attendees view art made by Nicario Jimenez at his booth at the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair, The Original. (Courtesy: Ann Arbor Art Fair)

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – In case you missed it, the Ann Arbor Art Fair kicked off Thursday.

The annual juried art fair returned to downtown after being briefly canceled earlier this year, and completely canceled in 2020, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Made up of three separate fairs, the event traditionally brings thousands of tourists into the city.

Artists from around the United States have traveled to Tree Town to sell their art from Thursday to Saturday this week.

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Here are some Ann Arbor area artists to look for:


  • Linda Sanchez - Booth: IN274
  • Scott Berry - Booth: MN236
  • Rose Giacherio - Booth: SU946
  • Kristin Perkins - Booth: MN352
  • Kristine Bolhuis - Booth: IN242


  • Mary Lewison - Booth: NU816
  • Carolyn Garay - Booth: MN379
  • Carolyn Weins - Booth: LI222


  • Mari Pruks - Booth: SU860


  • Mary Lewison - Booth: NU816
  • Megan Foldenauer - Booth: WA824
  • Claudia Selene - Booth: SU846
  • Adam Beeman - Booth: TH318


  • Paul Christopher James - Booth: MN370


  • Kate Tremel - Booth: IN234
  • Autumn Askalson - Booth: NU908


  • Karin Coron - Booth: NU807
  • Isabella De La Mora - Booth: SU894
  • Laura Pearson - Booth: LI236


  • Preeti Abraham - Booth: ST518
  • Stan Baker - Booth: MN225
  • David McAlpine - Booth: MN132


  • Anke Eichstaedt-Trampler - Booth: ST439


  • Shawn Bungo - Booth: MN334

Want to know more about each artist? Visit the artist directories for each fair.

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