A4 Summer Photo Challenge 2021: The Winners

Ann Arbor's Violin Monster at the 2021 Ann Arbor Art Fair. (Meredith Bruckner, Sarah Parlette, WDIV)

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Between wild storms and heatwaves, it has been a wild summer.

To see what our readers have been up to we challenged them to show us what summer fun meant this year.

We’ve had fun combing through all of the awesome photos of different scenes from around Ann Arbor and Michigan. Thank you to all who entered.

Out of all of the entries we’ve somehow managed to pick our favorites.

The winners will be featured in Meredith’s newsletter this Tuesday and on CTN.

Here’s a sneak peek:

Local Ann Arbor artist Janet Kohler capturing the peonies at a gorgeous time! "Artist on Art" by Nolan Bona. (Nolan Bona)
A photo of a sunflower by Rachna Sharma. (Rachna Sharma)
Nesting Sandhill crane at Matthaei Botanical Gardens, 05/21/2021. "Nesting Sandhill Crane" by Rob Romig-Fox. (R Carlisle Fox)
Canadian Tiger Swallowtail butterfly at Matthaei Botanical Gardens, 07/27/2021. "Canadian Tiger Swallowtail" by Rob Romig-Fox (R Carlisle Fox)
Looking south toward the Argo Dam. "Welcome To Ann Arbor" by William Wayne. (William Wayne)
Gallup Park by Hemanth Tavane. (Hemanth Tavane)
Great little known park in Ann Arbor. "Mary Beth Doyle Park" by Charles Pineau. (Charles Pineau)
Penelope, Piper, & Keaton turned washing a car into taking a bath. "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!" by Dana Denha. (Dana Denha)
After a hike on Mary Beth Doyle Trail these two took a moment to enjoy the view. "Father / Daughter Moment" by Dana Denha. (Dana Denha)
Hoot sees me? "Over Casting Owl" by Kerry Przytula. (Kerry Przytula)
A rainbow appears over the scoreboard at Comerica Park. "Baseball Beauty" by Jessica Swiatko. (Jessica Swiatko)
Freighter on St. Clair River in July 2021, seen from the Boardwalk in St. Clair. "Barge on St. Clair River." (Betz King)
Good Hart, Lake Michigan Sunset with a solitary spectator. "Solitary stone sitter" by Vanessa Brown. (Vanessa Brown)

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