Here’s which sidewalks and roads in Ann Arbor are scheduled for work in 2022

A portion of South Ashley Street in downtown Ann Arbor closed to through traffic in March, 2021. (Sarah Parlette, WDIV)

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Warmer weather is on the way which means construction season is here.

This year, the City of Ann Arbor plans to resurface or reconstruct a combined total of 11.1 miles of road around the city. Additionally, another 25.1 miles are scheduled for construction under the capital preventive maintenance program.

Some projects will require road closures as teams replace, repair, resurface, seal and restore pavement, utility structures, ramps and gutters.

Skip a lengthy commute or bumper-to-bumper traffic by checking the list below.

Learn about the projects here.

Here’s which sidewalks and roads will be under construction this year, according to the City.

Street Resurfacing/Restoration ProjectsStreet Surface ProjectsSidewalk ResurfacingNew Sidewalk or Gap filling
Alice Street (Bruce-Grace/Arlene)
Arlene Street (Alice/Grace-Ross)
Arborview Boulevard (Ross-Miller)
Atterberry Court (Atterberry Dr.-end)
Atterberry Drive (Burr Oak- end)
Bath Street (Seventh St.-end)
Briarwood Court (Arborview-end)
Broadway (Plymouth-Plymouth)
Brockman Boulevard (Winchell-Frieze)
Bruce Street (Sunrise-Miller)
Burr Oak Drive (Liberty-end)
Chapin Street (Huron-Miller)
Doty Avenue (Dexter-Arborview)
Dunnington Drive (Burr Oak-Atterberry)
Earhart Road (Geddes Rd.-S. Greenhills)
Eighth Street (Liberty-south end)
Frieze Avenue (Brockman-east end)
Geddes Avenue (Observatory-Highland)
Grace Street (Alice/Arlene-Westwood)
Harbrooke Avenue (Wildwood-Arbana)
Huron Parkway Bridge Maintenance
Huron Parkway (Nixon-Tuebingen)
Linda Vista Street (Arborview-Miller)
Linwood Avenue (Revena-Arbana)
Mapleridge Street (Willow-Arborview)
Maryfield Drive (Westwood-Pineridge)
W. Mosely Street (Third-S. Main)
N. Revena Boulevard (Huron/Dexter-Linwood)
Paul Street (Wesley-Arborview)
Platt Road (Huron Parkway-Packard)
Revena Place (Arborview-end)
Ross Street (Arborview-Arlene)
Russell Street (S. Maple-dead end)
Scio Church Road (Maple-Seventh)
S. State Street (North University-William)
Stadium Service Drive (Washtenaw-Stadium Blvd.)
Sunrise Court
Sunrise Street (Bruce-Westwood)
Third Street (Madison-Mosely)
Trego Circle (Burr Oak)
Tuebingen Parkway (Huron Parkway-Traver)
Virginia Avenue (Liberty-Bemidji)
Westwood Avenue (Linwood-Bruce)
Wildwood Avenue (Linwood-Arborview)
Willard Street (E. University-Forest)
Willow Street (Mapleridge-Seventh)
Wilton Court (Arborview-end)
Winchell Drive
Abbott Avenue (Collingwood-Pleasant)
Anderson Court (Anderson Ave-north end)
Andover Road (Pepper Pike St-west end)
Avalon Place (Vinewood-west end)
Baldwin Place (Baldwin Ave-Easterly End)
Balmoral Court (Lowell Rd-Lowell Rd)
Baylis Drive (Beaconsfield-Stone School Rd)
Beacon Hill (Hampshire Rd-west end)
Beakes Street (N. Main St/W.Kingsley-N. Division/E. Summit )
Belmar Place (Snyder Ave-Potter Ave)
Bemidji Drive (Virginia- Montgomery)
Brock Court (Brockman Blvd- north end)
Colgate Circle (Loyola Dr-west end)
Creek Drive (Belvidere-La Fere St)
Culver Road (Orkney Dr)
Cumberland Drive (Canterbury- Hampshire)
Dhu Varren Road (Railroad-Pontiac Trail)
Dwight Street (Baylis Dr)
Edgewood Place (W Hoover Ave-N’ly End)
Eisenhower Prkwy (Briarwood Cir/S.Main St-Boardwalk Dr) Eisenhower Pkwy (Ann Arbor-Saline Rd-Briarwood Cir/S. Main St) Elder Boulevard (Crest St-Eberwhite Blvd)
Elizabeth Street (E Kingsley St-High St)
Elmcrest Street (Miner St-east end)
Ember Way (Gladstone-Emerald)
Fair Oaks Parkway (south end-Norway Rd)
Fernwood Street (Lorraine-Packard St)
Forest Avenue (Hill St-Forest Ct)
Fuller Road(Fuller Ct-Gallup Park Entrance)
Fuller Street (High St-Glen Ave)
S. Franklin Court (Franklin St-west end)
Garden Homes Court (Fulmer St-east end)
Gardner Avenue (Montclair Pl-Packard St)
Gettysburg Road (Yellowstone-Green)
Glastonbury Road (Runnymede Blvd-north end)
Glazier Way (Green-Earhart)
Hasper Drive (S. Circle Dr-N. Circle Dr)
Heatheridge Street (E. Heatheridge-E. Haven St)
Hill Street (S. Forest Ave-Washtenaw Ave)
Holyoke Lane (Lowell Rd-Newport Rd)
Huron Parkway (Geddes-Plymouth)
Huron River Drive (City Limits-N. Main St)
W. Keech Avenue (Edgewood Ave-S Main St)
King George Boulevard (Alpine Dr-Tacoma Cir)
Liberty Street (S. Main St-S State St)
Liberty Street (S. Seventh St-Ann Arbor Railroad)
Lincolnshire Lane (Warrington Dr-southeast end)
Lowell Road (Warrington Dr-Newport Rd)
Logan Court (Baylis Dr-east end)
Madison Street (Thompson-S State)
Miller Avenue (Chapin St-N Main St)
Minerva Road (S. Forest-Olivia)
Minglewood Street (Robin Rd-Vesper Rd)
Navarre Circle (Vinewood Blvd-west end)
Newport Road (Miller Ave-Sunset Rd)
Nob Hill Court (S 1st St-weste end)
Oakland Avenue (E University Ave-S Forest Ave)
Onaway Place (Huntington Pl-south end)
Orkney Drive (Sunset-Culver Rd)
Oxford Road (Washtenaw-University)
Packard Street (Anderson/Harpst St-E Eisenhower Pkwy)
Pontiac Street (Moore St/Longshore-John A Woods)
Potter Avenue (Edgewood-S Main St)
Provincetown Court (Lowell Rd-southwest end)
Robin Road (Bydding Rd-Fountain St)
Rosewood Street (S Industrial Hwy-800 ft east)
Salisbury Lane (southwest end)
Sanford Place (Dunmore-Winsted Blvd)
Shrewsbury Avenue (Canterbury Rd-north end)
Second Street (W/ Mosely-W. Jefferson)
State Street (West I-94 Entrance Ramp-Eisenhower Pkwy)
Sybil Street (E. Hoover Ave-Hill St)
Ventura Court (Bemidji Dr-south end)
Virnankay Circle (Pauline Blvd-Pauline Blvd)
Waltham Drive (Saxon Rd-Warwick Ct)
Ward Court (Baylis Dr-north end)
Warrington Drive (Newport-Huron River Dr)
Woodbridge Boulevard (Eberwhite Blvd-E’ly End)
Wickfield Court (Starwick-east end)
Yellowstone Drive (Bluett-Gettysburg Rd)
Eisenhower Pkwy (Eisenhower Pl-concrete)
W. Liberty St (Liberty Pointe Dr. -Scio Ridge Rd.)
Oakbrook Drive (east of S. Main St.)
S. State Street (Eisenhower-Briarwood)
Washtenaw/Huron Parkway intersection (tentative)
Yorkshire-Allen Elementary Connector Walkk
Boardwalk Dr (east side)
Broadway (Broadview- Plymouth)
Brockman Boulevard (Winchell- Frieze)
Ellsworth Road (State-Stone School)
Frieze Avenue (Brockman-east end)
Hiscock Street (near Summitt)
Hutchins & Prescott (near Stadium)
South Main St.
Newport Rd ( Sunset-Downup Cir.)
Nixon/Traver (Westbury Ct. to Logan Elementary)
Platt Road
Russell St.
Saunders Crescent
Scio Church Rd. (Landmark-Seventh)
Tuebingen Pkwy (Lancashire-Traver)
Winchell Dr (Brockman-end of gap)
Yost & Eli (Forestbrooke Athletic Club)

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