Ann Arbor’s spring hydrant flushing to begin April 4

Photo: Pexels

ANN ARBOR – Hydrant flushing will start on April 4, announced the City of Ann Arbor.

Starting in the spring, hydrants around Tree Town are flushed on a weekly basis until the fall.

The preventative maintenance makes sure that built-up sediment and minerals in city water lines are removed. It also helps the city keep an eye on water pressure and check how the system is operating.

Hydrant flushing can cause water to temporarily turn an orange or rusty color, officials said. The discoloration happens when iron sediment in the pipes is moved during flushing.

“The water is safe to use and drink, but it can cause stains to laundry if the discoloration is not first cleared from the lines. If this occurs, products like ‘Rover’ can help remove temporary laundry coloration,” officials said in an email update.

To see when and where flushing will take place, check the hydrant-flushing map.

Residents should run cold water and flush their toilets to clear the sediment from water lines. If they see the rusty color, residents should avoid running hot or warm water, which could push sediment into the water heater. If this happens, follow the manufacturer’s instructions when draining the device.

Learn more at the city’s hydrant flushing website.

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