Going vegan for January? Check out these 4 Ann Arbor eateries

Dine in the D - Detroit Street Filling Station on Live in the D

ANN ARBOR – “New year, new me,” is a phrase a lot of people say this time of year as they set their goals for 2023.

For many, that includes switching to a plant-based diet for the month of January. Called Veganuary, the 30-day challenge is thought to have originated in the United Kingdom by a nonprofit to promote a vegan lifestyle.

A vegan lifestyle and diet exclude using or consuming animal products, including anything made with eggs, milk, meat or other animal parts.

For some, it can be really challenging to find eateries willing to accommodate. Luckily for new vegans, Tree Town has a plethora of vegan restaurants, and many other eateries offer at least a few plant-based dishes.

Check out these 4 Ann Arbor vegan eateries:


Cinnaholic proves that cinnamon rolls can be vegan and still taste good.

The vegan eatery has a menu of enormous cinnamon rolls topped with frosting and toppings like sprinkles, popcorn, fruit and cookie dough. Eaters can order off the menu or build their own custom cinnamon roll.

Check out the menu.

Try one at 121 E. Liberty St.


As a townie (and vegan) go-to, the Filling Station has a reputation for having food so good that meat-eaters forget that what they are eating is 100 percent vegan.

As the big sister of North Star Loung, the Kerrytown eatery offers a large menu ranging from delicious spinach-artichoke dip to a raspberry basil grilled cheese or baked tofu banh mi.

Here’s the menu.

Get a table at 300 Detroit Street.


It might seem like bars are a safe place for those with a vegan diet; however, some cocktails contain egg, egg whites or honey. Additionally, traditional bar food isn’t typically plant-based.

As Ann Arbor’s only vegan bar, and possibly the first of its kind in Michigan, North Star Lounge offers live music, events and vegan snacks and drinks.

This is the menu.

Find it at 301 N. Fifth Ave.


Italian food and vegan food doesn’t seem like they wouldn’t work as a combination but the Washtenaw County food truck shows that it actually does.

A former brick-and-mortar eatery, Vegano Italiano decided to downsize into a mobile food truck and offer its vegan Italian food to a wider audience. The menu consists of classics like Italian “meatball” subs, pasta and bruschetta, but made with vegan ingredients.

Find the menu here and the food truck schedule here.

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