Detroit ghost hunters explore 'shipwreck' basement of old Eloise hospital power plant

Basement was flooded for years

Basement of Eloise power plant. (Photos: DPX)
Basement of Eloise power plant. (Photos: DPX)

DETROIT – Detroit paranormal investigators got their first look at an never-before-seen area of the old Eloise psychiatric hospital in Westland.

Detroit Paranormal Expeditions (DPX) gave viewers a front row seat at their investigation of the Eloise power plant, an area they hadn't seen before.

The basement of the power plant had been flooded for years, but the building's owners recently removed the water, making it accessible for the first time in decades.

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DPX has been conducting investigation at Eloise since last fall when they organized dozens of tours of the Kay Beard Building.

The remaining hospital was sold to developers last year with plans to develop housing and office space on the land. The Kay Beard Building will not be demolished.

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DPX's Jeff Adkins posted a blog about the basement investigation, noting that it looked like an old shipwreck.

"Imagine a shipwreck without the water, and that's exactly what it looks like," said Adkins. "Some parts are worse than others, but it was amazing to be in a space that once hustled and bustled to power the complex's 78 buildings. Today, an eerily-still silence permeates the entire floor, covering it almost like a blanket."


Adkins said much of the equipment and items on shelves remained exactly where they were left.

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"In a way, walking through spaces like this and other historic locations is like a time machine. The ability to look back into the past allows us to envision and appreciate what went on there," said Adkins.


Eloise began as the Wayne County Poorhouse, which opened in 1839 in the now defunct Nankin Township. After the Great Depression, the population of the complex started to decrease, as reports of violence, questionable conditions, misconduct and overall neglect surfaced.

Farm operations ceased in 1958, and the psychiatric division began to close in 1977 when the state took over. The main hospital closed in 1984.

Visitors have reported odd occurrences on the hospital grounds for years after it was closed.

Read the full DPX blog here. Watch the live cam stream of the investigation below:

Live Static Cams

Live static cams at the power plant of Eloise Asylum 👻

Posted by Detroit Paranormal Expeditions on Saturday, March 16, 2019

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