Stroh's launches Detroit-made beer


DETROIT – Stroh's, originally a Detroit company, is launching a new lager made in its former home.

The Stroh Brewery Co. first returned to brewing in Detroit in 2016 with its Bohemian Pilsner release and now, Stroh’s is launching Detroit Lager, made locally and in partnership with Brew Detroit. 

Stroh's was founded in Detroit back in 1850.

“The brand is a part of Detroit’s history, so it’s important that we uphold the values of the city and continue to make a positive contribution to the community here. Working with local people and businesses to create Detroit Lager, has been a a true collaboration that symbolizes our desire play a meaningful role in Detroit’s future.” says Rachel Keeton, Associate Brand Manager for Stroh’s. 

Stroh’s is working in collaboration with Brew Detroit to bring this beer to life. Brew Detroit Brewmaster Joe Thorner, who got his start brewing in the original Stroh Brewhouse on Gratiot Avenue in the 1970’s, says “Detroit Lager is made in the spirit of beers from that time, but with a modern twist.” 

To pay homage to Stroh’s roots, the Detroit Lager recipe calls for traditional corn grits, which give the beer a piercingly crisp finish. The blend of caramel malts lend themselves to a soft golden hue, and a subtle sweetness that compliments the hop bill, resulting in a refreshingly balanced, super premium brew with an ABV of 4.6 percent.

Stroh’s Detroit Lager will be available in cans and bottles at select bars and retailers throughout Michigan beginning the week of Aug. 12.

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