Ford explores ways to eliminate new car smell due to complaints from China

Drivers in China hate new car smell, experts say

DETROIT – Ford is in the process of eliminating the new car smell for vehicles that come off the line, because of complaints from China.

Many people love the new car smell, but being a global company, Ford isn't just selling cars to Americans.

In China, the biggest car market in the world, drivers hate the new car smell more than poor fuel economy, officials said.

According to Car Advice, Ford has filed a patent application for an automated method to remove the smell.

"If that's an issue, we'll definitely get it addressed," said Zach Anderson of Bob Maxey Ford.

The sales team at Bob Maxey Ford knows it might take some getting used to.

"To me, everyone loves that new car smell, and in fact, when you go to the car wash, they sell the new car scent to put it back in the car," Anderson said.

Workers at Downtown Carwash said the new car scent is a best-seller.

According to the patent request, Ford's solution is to bake the smell out by parking the car in the sun, rolling down the windows and firing up the engine, heater and fan until the smell is gone.

"I think that's a bad idea," driver David Strong said.

Customers might now drive straight from the dealership to the car wash to put the new car smell back in.

It's unclear if Ford will get rid of the smell worldwide or just in certain markets.

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