Select 2019 Ford Rangers recalled due to transmission fastener problem

2019 Ford Ranger
2019 Ford Ranger

DETROIT – Ford announced Wednesday it is issuing a safety recall for select 2019 Ranger vehicles.

Here is the recall information from Ford:

On some affected vehicles, the two fasteners that secure the transmission shift cable bracket to the transmission housing may not have been torqued to specification. Over time, an improperly torqued fastener could allow the transmission shift cable bracket to become loose and the transmission to be in a gear state different from the gearshift position selected by the driver.

This condition could allow the driver to remove the ignition key (if equipped) with no instrument panel warning message or chime indicating that the transmission is not in park. This could allow unintended vehicle movement or roll away if the parking brake is not applied, increasing the risk of a crash or injury.

Ford is not aware of any accidents or injuries related to this condition.

This action affects approximately 2,500 vehicles in the United States and federalized territories and approximately 260 in Canada. Affected vehicles include 2019 Ranger vehicles built at Michigan Assembly Plant, March 5-13, 2019.

Dealers will properly torque the two fasteners and verify the proper operation of the transmission selector assembly according to established workshop manual procedure. Prior to the recall repair, the parking brake should be applied whenever the vehicle is parked.

The Ford reference number for this recall is 19S15.

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